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Why Every Musician Should Be Blogging Right Now

Social media platforms are in the centre of any industry today. They can be particularly essential to some professions, especially those who are into all kinds of performing arts. Some musicians are missing a trick though, they should definitely be paying more attention to blogging on a regular basis just as much as engagement on social media since blogs are one of the best ways to promote their work.

Why Should Every Musician Have A Blog?

With a blog, you can build and maintain a strong fan base which is crucial for your future work. Having a strong online presence will let your fans know you’re still active. Also, your blog may become a powerful magnet for new fans. This is a good way for creating new conversations with all of your followers. Therefore, you can explain your views directly but also have fast feedback. Most of the fans love having a chance to contact the artist personally.

The blog will give you a chance to present your opinions and passions and it may help you define your artistic expression more precisely. The opportunities like these are essential for a successful musician because you need to find your place under the sun. Once you start blogging, you can create a prominent brand which will allow you presence in a vast community of your potential fans.

What’s more, expressing your thoughts and views will put you on a field with other bloggers, too. With your views becoming stronger and more passionate, you’ll also gain an increased credibility amongst the fans. Of course, credibility, among other crucial things, is what makes you a true musician and a potential star.

What Should You Be Blogging About?

Why Every Musician Should Be Blogging Right Now

This is actually the most important part of the story. A musician should obviously not be blogging about flowers or the last football match. It’s crucial to have a precisely defined theme or niche for your blog. For a start, try posting about the music you like and why. Are there any musicians that have influenced your work and who do you enjoy listening to in your free time? Fans can easily relate to topics such as these, and they usually attract the most attention. You should use this to connect to your followers. Please, don’t be one of those musicians that doesn’t like to engage with their fans! So, don’t just be all about the blogs. Rather, pay attention to people’s comments and let them know you care for their opinion. So make sure you take the time to reply to any comments left on your blog, as well as your social media posts.

You should also post videos to make your blog more interesting. Most of the indie musicians don’t have a chance to make professional looking music spots but you can always post your live performances or even some home videos or tutorials. If you’re blogging about another major artists new album or you’re giving a tutorial to your fans, then it’s well worth reading up on SEO and how it can help you widen your audience.

Also, a good thing would be to share your experiences from your life as a musician. No matter if they are good or bad, they can be a useful piece of advice for every other young musician who is about to start a career.

A Portal To The World

Why Every Musician Should Be Blogging Right Now

In the end, you should consider a blog as a window to the entire world. Use it as a good way of connecting to the entire music community. This means you should link to other bands, performers and their blogs, share their stories, videos and gigs. They will appreciate your small gesture and do the same for you too. Plus, your fans will also like the idea that you support other musicians. Who knows, maybe it will be a start of some collaborations. Anyway, a blog is a great resource, whose potential should not be underestimated so work out a strategy and try to use it as much as you can. And good luck!

As well as blogging, you can get yourself to one of the UK’s Music Industry Networking Events and make some contacts.

Are you blogging to grow your music following? Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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