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The use of social media and the Internet today is a must for every musician, no matter if they are a novice or a well-known music star. The good news is that social media, especially Google, are still the prevalent place where people look up for various content. The bad news is that billions of people create content on Google. Check out our post, Why Every Musician Should Be Blogging’.

Although it’s a bit tougher for bloggers, there are ways you can make your posts more visible. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a small but efficient tool that can help your posts find the proper audience. And as a musician, you’re aware of how important it is for your fans to find your latest work online. Here are a few tips that will make you more recognisable in the online community.

Keyword Research – A Must For Every Website

When it comes to proper SEO for musicians then it all comes to proper keyword picking. That’s where you have to pay particular attention. Although picking the right words seems an easy job to do, in fact, this is where most musicians make huge mistakes. You simply have to use the so-called “brand” keywords such as the band name or members name, album title or anything else that relates directly to you, and really dig down to your genre niche. So, next time you start thinking about using a keyword like “the rock band” or “the young guitar player”….don’t. You need to really think about your genre niche and who you are as a musician or band.

Make Smart META Tags

META Tags are there to describe your page and can be found only within your page’s HTML. They need to be short but precise and should definitely include some or all the keywords you have come up with. Try to make the description catchy because it will probably influence the reader’s decision whether to make a click on your link or not. The best way of writing a good META is to put yourself in a position of a potential reader. Just ask yourself a simple question: Would I click this link with a META like this?

What Is SEO And How Can I Use It As A Musician And For My Music?

Strategies For Link Building

When talking about strategies for link building as well as strategies for using SEO in a clever way, you need to know a few important things, such as building up your backlink profile. To be more precise, backlink profile contains all the links of yours that people have ever shared. You may wonder why backlinks are important? Namely, Google uses them to improve your search visibility. However, there are also authoritative links, which in turn have a high domain authority. They are linking to your website as well. So, one excellent strategy for link building is for you to exchange links with high-authority websites, and popular blogs.

Or, you may turn to anchor text, as another important strategy in link building. But, what is anchor text? Many of you don’t know that these are the visible characters and words displayed on the hyperlinks when they are linking to another document or web location.

As a musician, you can also pay attention to follow links that will surely boost the rank of your page. So, for SEO purposes, you need to know that all the links that point back to your website have to be ‘follow’ links. These links much be from high authority sites.

Therefore, by using SEO and link building wisely, you’ll increase your visibility as well as exposure among your supporters and fans. But what’s perhaps equally important, you’ll create relationships with other musicians and stars in the music industry. Social media is a great way for this as well.

Always Create Unique And Fresh Content

Once you start updating your website with new content, which is in addition, unique and interesting, Google will receive a signal of an active user. That’s why Google will crawl your site more and more. Since you’re a musician, you’ll have the chance to constantly update your website with unique posts related to your personal songs and your music. So, it’s significant to be aware of the fact that Google cannot interpret audio and video files. For that reason, your posts need to be written and contain words. Examples can be announces about your next gigs, your new video and song releases, your activities in the future and so on. All of them will undoubtedly draw attention to your website.

What Is SEO And How Can I Use It As A Musician And For My Music?

Analytics – Never Miss Monitoring The Traffic Of Your Blog

Those who have their personal blogs will know the importance of monitoring the traffic that your website receives. Once you see which pages on your blog are visited the most and which of them are visited the least, you’ll have a better understanding of what things should be changed on your website. If you’re new to this business, just search for some free analytics tools on the Internet. Google Analytics is a great one to start with. You’ll be ready to start optimizing your website and continue creating new content as well as gathering more of your fans. This is exactly what successful music stars do all the time, you can too!

Check out some more tips in this video.

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