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UK Music Industry Networking Events You Need To Be Attending

In the world of music, just like in any other industry today, networking takes an important place. So, if you want to get you and your music out there, building strong connections and a significant network of business partners and supporters has to be high on your to do list. For that reason, talented musicians cannot wait for music industry networking events to get their music promoted. Performing at these music networking events, is a perfect opportunity for any new artist to be noticed by publishers, managers, investors, producers, other artists and press in the music world.

UK musicians have a wide list of events to attend, and here we’re bringing you the major ones, where any artist can start building a strong network of friends and future business partners. Why not check them out, get on the list and start promoting your music?

Music Industry Events In London

London is always and inevitably full of events related to the music industry. It’s sometimes really hard to be able to fit all these events in your diary, so make sure you prioritise the ones that are right for you and where you’re going to get the most benefit from attending. Your time is money!

Notting Hill Music 

Notting Hill Music Networking Night is a monthly event and is in partnership with Tileyard Studios with a whole host of different influential people within music attending, ready to catch new talent.
Who attends this event?
  • Writers
  • Producers
  • Artists
  • Record labels
  • Publishers
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Managers
  • Agents
  • Lawyers  
You can go along and meet people who can help further your career, and with free entry, food, drink and music, how could you not go? Notting Hill Publishers work with Top Ten selling artists including Little Mix, Chris Brown, Jessie J and Beyonce.
Past guests include Simon Cowell’s Syco label and the X Factor talent scouts as well as many other influential people within the music industry. Approximately 1300 people attended the event in March 2017. This  event will offer fantastic networking opportunities and awesome exposure to people working within the music industry.

Live UK Summit

This London event is really important for the pop music lovers and music artists, since it’s the only event in the whole country that matches the artists who perform the pop music and the lovers who enjoy listening to this genre. Live UK Summit is held in the month of October, and it always gathers important people and professionals in the area of contemporary live music. The number of attendees get higher every year, and the last Live UK Summit had round 300 leading promoters, booking agents, festival organizers and other professionals.


Peckham Rye Music Festival

This music industry event is a great opportunity for every newbie and talented musician to get noticed by the leading music industry professionals. It’s held in ten Peckham venues and covers funk, dub, house and many other music genres. The audience gets to visit four outdoor stages, but Peckham Rye Music Festival includes interesting workshops, debates, interviews and indeed much more.


Music Industry Events Outside Of London


The Great Escape In Brighton

This festival has definitely become one of the hottest networking events in the entire UK. Brighton will be the centre of the universe over the weekend starting on 18th of May when The Great Escape kicks off. DJs and bands from all over the world will leg it here to grab their performance slot. Every pub, club or bar is a small venue for those music obsessives who can’t get enough of getting wasted. You can apply to perform here in one of the many venues and hear some great talk from music industry professionals.


Liverpool Sound City

One of the major music, technology, and media conferences enriched with a number of amazing music performances is Liverpool Sound City, one of the top upcoming events. Liverpool will once again host musicians from more than 25 countries who can’t wait to perform in the legendary city of music. This is a great spot to learn something about the industry from experienced artists such as John Cale from The Velvet Underground or Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth.    

Those are our top music networking events in the UK! Have you been to any of the above? Or any others? Let us know in the comments below. Maybe we’ll see you at one soon 🙂 

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